The owner of the company, Edward Angelo, started in the field of Health and Life Insurance but left in the late 1980’s for the automobile industry as an automobile sales representative. This did not work for him very well, so he left to start his own business and invested $250 in laminated wooden plaques for resale to small gift shops in the mid 1990’s. Though it was very hard to grow the business and feed his family with the proceeds generated from the business at that time, he was able to manage and survive until the building where he was operating burnt down. He lost everything and was forced to start the operation all over once again in his garage at home until he could build the business again.


In 2000, he was offered a job by a Connecticut State Marshal to do an eviction. He had to rent a box truck and find and hire some helpers to move the items. This turned out to be very rewarding, and gave him the idea to save enough money to purchase a used box truck for $1,500.  He then solicited more eviction jobs from other state marshals, and in a few months, he was receiving an average of three to four evictions per week.


A year later, he purchased a second box truck, and was performing over ten evictions per week with over twenty Connecticut State Marshals.


Being an Insurance Agent, in 2002 he decided to add an insurance agency to his business, and move the company out of his home garage to a commercial location once again.


It was very difficult to build the insurance agency since most insurance companies did not want to gamble the chance in appointing an insurance agency which was just starting up without a large book of business.  But as you know, an insurance agency cannot build a book of business if it has no insurance company to place the business with. It is like the phrase, “which comes first the chicken or the egg?”


However, with hard work and persistency he was able to obtain appointments with some very reputable insurance companies who were willing to take a chance with him to form and build his insurance agency.


In 2012, Edward was able to upgrade his eviction business, to a fully licensed moving operation with several moving trucks and vans and a close knit team of movers.


At the moment, the company is made up of several departments dealing with general insurance, household moving, evictions and will be adding more services in the future.